About the MoDFA

The Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) was established in 2008 by Canadian Artist and entrepreneur, Solomon P. Walker. The MoDFA quickly filled a needed and welcome presence in the online art world by showcasing the very best in the newest medium – Digital. The MoDFA provides essential exhibition opportunities for emerging and established artists and photographers on an international scale; artists who creates moving artistic works primarily with innovative tools of the Digital Medium, which includes computers, electronic canvases, scanners and digital cameras; utilizing the best in unique graphics and multimedia tools. Though existing virtually online, the MoDFA provides a unique public forum and exhibition space for displaying brilliant modern works of Art and Photographic images from very creative individuals.

The New Modern Visuals – Digital Collectible Art: Fine Art
Art created painstakingly on Digital Canvases with utmost dedication is no different from previous materials and methods utilized in the past by talented individuals when creating artwork from their imaginations. It’s reality that the electronics age is upon us, and today’s and future generations, will choose to render their creative and prized art pieces for their audiences and for crowds of art lovers to enjoy, in digital/electronic forms, whether for decorating homes, public spaces, corporate settings, etc. After-all, Art is, just Art!

Our Mandate and Goal:
DIGITAL is now the new traditional, and in the 21st century we believe that Digital/Electronic will be the primary ways fine artists go about producing works from their thoughts and fertile imaginations. The Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) is committed to fostering greater interest in Digital Arts and Digital Multimedia (especially with regards to the creation of “fine art“) and all Artists at various stages of their careers who are producing visual masterpieces across the global. To research, to collect and exhibit exceptional work crafted with the aid of the Electronic Media; to foster meaningful dialogue and educate art enthusiasts, collectors, curators, design/decor professionals, and the public at large about the real merits of investment in products that are conceived and Digitally produced in the most artistic ways. To offer a clearer insight into the unique attributes of Digital Multimedia, with its unexplored capabilities in the arena of the Visual and Creative Arts. To hi-lite the exciting innovations across this exciting new and incredible genre, which Artists from all walks of life, in every country, has embraced enthusiastically over the last few decades. We look forward to collaborating with other galleries and museums and publications, both online and offline, in support of modern emerging artists and their unique works.



Solomon P. Walker:  Founder/Director/Curator


Join Our Team:
Be part of the MoDFA team today, by volunteering a bit of time with designing, curating, talent scouting, writing, publishing, etc. Please send us an email with your intentions to join the team at: modfa@gmx.com (attention of Solomon Walker)

Contact Us: modfa@gmx.com