3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale: “Time Based / Non-places”

C2 (North Area, Shenzhen OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District), Dec 2, 2016–Mar 2, 2017

shenzhen-independent-animation-biennaleThe Third Independent Animation Biennale opened on December 12, 2016 at C2 in Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT. Compared with the scale of a typical biennale, this independent animation biennale comes across as a little small. In order to make the exhibition look the part, the curator has delineated six areas—for showing art, for lectures, for community activities, and so on—in an attempt to show diversity and distinguish this exhibition from the workings of a regular group exhibition. But over an exhibition period spanning several months, only the “Spatial Animation” component of the biennale, showing in C2, is open to the viewing public of the surrounding neighborhood. “Special screenings” and “Animations and Concerts” take place a ten-minute car ride away from OCT station at Artron Art Center; a “recommended screening” providing a platform for “post-90’s” artists will be shown only at the closing of the exhibition on March 2, 2017 (hastily arriving, hastily departing). As for the “GIF Online Project”, audience members must log onto the internet themselves to view it (the experience is not ideal, as the page loads too slowly). All of this leads to ready disappointment; after viewing the twelve works in C2, one feels there is something lacking, searching in vain for some sign in a corner that would read “more this way.”

The theme of the exhibition is “Time Based / Non-places”. “Time Based” comes from an expression used by many Western art museums today to describe video, film, slides, sound, and other contemporary works of art possessing a “time-based” dimension. This feature manifests itself across the variety of works exhibited. Meanwhile, “non-places” is a term coming from French sociologist Marc Augé, referring to temporary anthropological spaces—such as highways, hotels, airports, and supermarkets. It is used here, it seems, to point out the temporary nature of the exhibition space. It would appear that any medium of art could be included under such a theme, and that any kind of impermanent exhibition space could be the venue. This makes the experience of attending Shenzhen’s Third Independent Animation Biennale just like attending any large scale new-media art exhibition. What’s more, the information covered by the English title, “Time based / Non-places” is not held up in the title in Chinese. The Chinese title’s brevity seems to act as sheer barometer for the erudition of its reader.

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Call for Entry for Confluence’16 (an international art contest/exhibition)

Confluence’16 exhibition will be held from December 16th till December 22nd 2016 at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, 1, Rafi Marg, New Delhi (India).

The contest is open to all artists (students, amateurs & professionals) from all over the world without any limit of age & nationality.

Confluence ’16 is an absolute place for emerging as well as established artists to participate in the focused, engaged and informed art sector.

Deadline date for entry: September 12th 2016 

Confluence ’16 offers a space for Artists from around the world to compete against each other and showcase their creative talent. You’re competing against the most talented Artists from across the world and you’ll get a chance to showcase your artwork to Art Patrons.

Confluence ’16 perpetuates earlier editions of Confluence. As we have known that earlier editions of Confluence acted as a catalyst for the recent development of artistic and cultural landscape and strengthened the potential of India as an international art hub. In its earlier editions, the show focused on the significance of exhibiting a variety of works in a pluralistic art world. Confluence ’16 foresees combining art with international trends and thoughts, highlighting national interest with a global concern.

Creative Quarterly 45: Call for Entries

Enter the summer olympics of art and design.

CQ45 Deadline: July 29, 2016

We’re looking for the best art, advertising, design, illustration and photography done in the past six months. Professional or student. Judged by an editorial staff of award-winning graphic designers, a former judge for Communication Arts annual and represented in The Graphic Eye: Photographs by Graphic Designers from around the Globe, a judge for the Society of Illustrators, Print Regional Design Annual and regional and national advertising and design competitions. Recently named one of the top 100 art and design publications in the world, Creative Quarterly accepts professional and student entries from all parts of the globe.

Categories include advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration and fine art. Entry fees for Professionals are $30 per single entry, $55 per series—3 to 5 images for all published work, $20/$45; for recent graduates (from the last three years), $15/$45 and for current undergraduates or post graduate students, $10 per single entry, $20 for a series.

Winners will appear in the Winter issue of Creative Quarterly and be exhibited in our online gallery. Winners will also be entered in our year-end juried competitions where we’ll select the top 100 pieces for 2016.

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Les Rencontres Internationales


Among the main events in Europe dedicated to contemporary practices of moving image, the next Les Rencontres Internationales will be held in Paris in December 2016. Il offers every year a new international programme made of works by internationally renowned artists and filmmakers, along with works by young artists shown for the first time.

ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION can submit one or several works. The call for entries is open to cinema, video and multimedia works, without any restriction for length or genre. Any submission is free, regardless of geographical origins > read more

* Video / Experimental video
* Fiction, exp. fiction / Short, middle and full length
* Documentary, exp. documentary
* Experimental film
* Animation

* Video installation, multimedia installation
* Multimedia concert, multimedia performance

You can choose between two types of registration:
arrow100% online entry form, without postal sending
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PLEASE FORWARD this information as much as possible to art and film organizations, art networks, production organizations, artists and filmmakers you are in contact with.

Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin offers a forum for reflection and discovery dedicated to pratices of contemporary moving image. It introduces guests from all over the world: artists, filmmakers, institutions and emerging organizations, giving us a picture of an on-going creation, of new issues raised by the evolution of the production methods and ways to present new works, and of the different emerging artistic and cultural contexts.
The Rencontres Internationales reflects specificities and convergences of artistic practices between new cinema and contemporary art, explores emerging media art practices and their critical purposes, and create a necessary time during which points of view meet and are exchanged.
The event aims at presenting works to a broad audience, at creating circulations between different art practices and between different audiences, as well as creating new exchanges between artists, filmmakers and professionals.
It seeks to contribute to a reflection on our contemporary culture of image via a compelling program opened to everyone.

Les Rencontres Internationales is supported by the City of Paris, the Regional Council of Île-de-France, the DRAC Île-de-France – Ministry for Culture and Communication.