Sedition Presents Art In The Digital Age Series at Shoreditch House

gordoncheung_eelke-jelles-eelkema_onipadStarting in June 2016 Sedition presents Art In The Digital Age, a series of talks on contemporary and digital art collecting at Shoreditch House, London.

The series explores the new realms of digital art collecting, creation and exhibition. By bringing together experts in the fields of digital art, curating, art collecting and design, Art In The Digital Age will discuss, and ask interesting questions about, the future of the art world.

With the introduction of new technologies, the way contemporary art is experienced is undergoing significant changes. Media platforms, display techniques and softwares are redefining the way art is experienced and collected. The influence of the digital has structurally changed aspects of the art world, bringing art into contact with new spaces, disciplines and audiences. It has also led to questions around the artwork itself, such as: how can digital works be valued, stored and securely exchanged? What is the materiality of a digital artwork?

The first talk in the series is titled Art Collecting For The Home and takes place on 17 June from 7-9pm at Shoreditch House. It looks at how art is being displayed and integrated into contemporary domestic spaces. The event takes the form of a panel discussion between experts from four specialist areas.

FutureFest Art Prize 2016

12183983_415787871948627_5617222368397799135_oSedition and Nesta have teamed up to create the first FutureFest Art Prize. Shortlisted works will be presented at FutureFest 2016, a weekend festival of radical ideas, compelling talks and interactive experiences designed to inspire people to question and shape the future. The festival will take place at the Tobacco Dock in London from 17-18 September 2016.

Sedition Guide to the 3rd International Biennial of Digital Art in Montréal


Opening in Montréal, Canada this June is the 3rd International Biennial of Digital Art (BIAN) presented alongside the 17th annual ELEKTRA festival of art music and new media. The biennial runs from 3 June to 3 July, while ELEKTRA takes place from 1 to 5 June.

The theme of this year’s biennial is ‘Automata’, art made by machines for machines, which features a large scale exhibition at Arsenal Contemporary Art in an expansive 50,000 square industrial space in the Griffintown district of Montréal. The exhibition includes works by international artists with a section dedicated to artists from Switzerland. The work of Sedition artists, Pascal Haudressy, Zimoun and Matthew Biederman are also featured in the exhibition. A selection of Sedition gift cards will be available for sale at Arsenal for the duration of the biennial.

Museum of Digital Fine Arts Summer 2015 Art Exhibition

The Museum of Digital Fine Arts presents a new summer art exhibition stmodfa-art-summer2015arting July 18th, 2015 (to August 15th), featuring 9 international super gifted artists breaking out the art scene with extraordinary talent.

Welcome to “Shards of The Spiraling Ferry!” Art that transcends our daily journeys in a digital world.


Look forward to the many visits from art lovers globally. Summer Wishes!!!

MoDFA New Presentation Gallery for Archived Art and Photos

Pulse of New Media Fine Art – It begins here!

MoDFA New Archived Displays on in3Dgallery
MoDFA New Archived Displays on in3Dgallery

The MoDFA is all about great contemporary art, fused and produced through a mix of new technology and traditional creative thought processes.

It’s no secret that humans love to create, even from the earliest dawn of civilization. Now, in the dawn of the 21st century the doors of creativity has snapped open for all to experience. “Digital” is the title used to define and characterize this new media art-form, that is produced largely in a cyber world. But, although virtually made, these works of art are every bit akin to traditional art forms, minus the dripping paint, the mess and fumes of unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly chemicals. And, more importantly, these art and images are visually stimulating and truly collectible. Whether they are made through sensors or graphic tools, they are all human art.