Summer of Art Exhibitions at the MoDFA – 2

modfa-august282014-smThe Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) is happy to announce a new and fun end-of-summer exhibition,  featuring 24 fine artwork by the following 8 exceptionally talented international artists: Eduardo García, David Navia, Avani Aggarwal, Xiao Ran (aka. Dawn Pu), Maxim Delcambre, Kay Reese, Jan-Philipp Eckert, Sung Choi

Armed with both traditional and new media training, these artists are producing sheer magic by utilizing innovative graphic arts tools on the digital canvas, and are steadily making a name for themself in the briskness of the global art marketplace.

The exhibition starts on August 28, 2014, and runs through to September 12, 2014. Please stop by and have a look at captivating modern art, and be introduced to the artists making them.