“Awakened Sentiments” – MoDFA Group Art Exhibition starting Oct. 22, to Nov. 8-2014

Born from the wombs of creativity, a new generation of pioneering artists rises to express ideas, thoughts and philosophy through the use of pixels, and ultimately changing the art world for generations to come.

The Museum of Digital Fine Arts continues its early Autumn exhibitions with- “Awakened Sentiments” – a group show that features awe-inspiring works by the 5 following international emerging artists: Alessandro Vianello, Peter Ciccariello, Robin Tomens, Dr. John Antoine Labadie, and Aural (Emerson Pingarilho).

All are welcome, so please stop by to enjoy the works of some of today’s most talented new artists here at the MoDFA.MODFA October 2014 Art Exhibition

Presenting: “Immo’s Universe” – a Solo Exhibition starting September 20, 2014 (now extended to October 10, 2014)

immojalass-solo-exhibition2014The Museum of Digital Fine Arts is happy to present the upcoming solo exhibition of one of modern art’s most prolific and creative artists: Immo Jalass.

With creative productions spanning more than five decades, Immo has been there through most of the major art trends of the last century, and yet he has been able to stay focus on his own very unique visions, continuing to render captivating art with tools of the 21st century artists.

Starting September 20, and through to October 10, 2014, we will present a showcase of Immo Jalass’ outstanding work. So please, do stop in to have look at some samples of his brilliant and unusual artistic creations that will agitate and stimulate the visual senses as well as the psychological.

Summer of Art Exhibitions at the MoDFA – 2

modfa-august282014-smThe Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) is happy to announce a new and fun end-of-summer exhibition,  featuring 24 fine artwork by the following 8 exceptionally talented international artists: Eduardo García, David Navia, Avani Aggarwal, Xiao Ran (aka. Dawn Pu), Maxim Delcambre, Kay Reese, Jan-Philipp Eckert, Sung Choi

Armed with both traditional and new media training, these artists are producing sheer magic by utilizing innovative graphic arts tools on the digital canvas, and are steadily making a name for themself in the briskness of the global art marketplace.

The exhibition starts on August 28, 2014, and runs through to September 12, 2014. Please stop by and have a look at captivating modern art, and be introduced to the artists making them.


End of Summer Fine Art Exhibition at the MODFA

Gosh, we are nearing the end of summer 2012, leaving behind the persistent heat and rush, the beaches and cottages that makes the joyous season so memorable, so unforgettable!

Well, here at the Museum Of Digital Fine Arts (MODFA) we are once again presenting our warm weather fine art exhibition. This is our 3rd and final showing for the summer and, we have selected 4 amazing artists to introduce their work. The exhibition is entitled: “Complex Eclipse” and features the beautiful creations of:

Jena DellaGrottaglia, Cary Lee Crisman [aka XMAN], Fernando Acosta, Matthew Schwartz [aka Spadecaller]

Have a great rest of summer holiday everyone, and looking forward to having your visit to see this new special show.