Presenting: “Immo’s Universe” – a Solo Exhibition starting September 20, 2014

immojalass-solo-exhibition2014The Museum of Digital Fine Arts is happy to present the upcoming solo exhibition of one of modern art’s most prolific and creative artists: Immo Jalass.

With creative productions spanning more than five decades, Immo has been there through most of the major art trends of the last century, and yet he has been able to stay focus on his own very unique visions, continuing to render captivating art with tools of the 21st century artists.

Starting September 20, and through to October 4  – 2014, we will present a showcase of Immo Jalass’ outstanding work. So please, do stop in to have look at some samples of his brilliant and unusual artistic creations that will agitate and stimulate the visual senses as well as the psychological.

Visit the exhibition now!