Artiquette: 7 Things Not To Do on a Studio Visit

Whatever your position is in the art world, you’ll probably agree that visiting an artist in their studio is a time-honored tradition. Artist studio’s offer an intimate look into the artist’s work and art practice. You will be able to understand the artist’s process better, and get to see art in it its natural habitat, the studio. But there’s also plenty that can go wrong. In an effort to help you avoid these pitfalls, artnet News spoke to a couple of New York-based artists to share some of their advice on how to do it right.

1. Don’t challenge the artist or ask overly personal questions
An artist we interviewed said she was once told to “freeze her eggs.” Don’t be that guy. We suggest that on your studio visit, you avoid making such personal comments. A studio is a creative and personal space. But it’s also a professional one, so professional and social etiquette rules apply. Remember the reasons why you decided to visit in the first place and try to stick to questions and comments about the work. While the egg-freezing comment was probably intended as some kind of compliment of the desirability of the artist’s genetic make-up, it’s way too weird and personal.

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