MODFA Artists Guidelines

MoDFA Exhibitions are FREE, and open to all Digital Artists & Photographers worldwide!!

Submission of Artists best work is encouraged, and will be included in our on-going public exhibitions through-out the year.

The MoDFA is actively seeking exceptional artistic creations in the Digital medium (including Photography) to be displayed in our monthly exhibitions. High quality work only, just as any artistic pieces on display in off-line street-level galleries. Art lovers, collectors and buyers are accustomed to seeing great art and photographic images in their visits to galleries, so please present your best artwork for visitors and potential buyers to view and experience.

There are scores of talented Artists out there, especially those working with CorelX, Painter, Photoshop, Artrage, 3DMax, Xara 3D, Blender, Poser, Gimp, E-On Vue 6, Project Dogwaffle, plus a host of other amazing graphics software. There are also amazing, creative options available to photographers using digital cameras too. So, we are inviting all practising artists and photographers (both pros and emerging talents), to submit their best work for inclusion in the MoDFA shows each month. Participate today, and let crowds of art lovers across the planet have a peek into your creative journeys too!

The MoDFA accepts ALL schools of Art (produced with Digital Media, of course) — including Realism, Abstraction, Expressionism, Conceptualism, Cubism, Pop Art, Impressionism, Minimalism, Collage, etc. Art Videos will be accepted in our shows at some point in the future.

Please submit up to 3 pieces of creative Art or photographs (JPEG, BMP or PNG format, approx. 400X600pix, or 600x800pix) to the MoDFA. One or all may be selected for inclusion in an group exhibition. Our solo exhibitions requires additional pieces, and we will contact the selected artist, or selected photographer, with additional details. MoDFA not exhibit any art or photo images elsewhere, except for promotional reasons in advertisements supporting the exhibitions. You are free to place a faded watermark on your art/photo if you wish. Please include the title“, “your website address, email address, plus a full personal biographyabout yourself and work procedure.

ARTISTS RETAINS ALL COPYRIGHTS OF THEIR WORK. We only ask your permission to exhibit your Art here at the Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) for the public to view and enjoy and to assist your exposure to art buyers. Displaying of your art and photos are showcased in one of our monthly Group Exhibitions or Solo Exhibitions. Afterwards, the work may be displayed as part of a semi-permanent collection elsewhere in the museum online. Artists will be notified if the MoDFA decides to retain work for further displays not mentioned above, and/or if a client wishes have more details about the work.

Any Art or Photograph submitted must be rightfully own by that individual submitting the work. It is illegal, and disrespectful, to offer art that is not your own creation. Also, any work which are not of high calibre and creativity will be rejected and deleted. You will receive a notification informing you of our decisions, and then you can re-submit some of your other artworks or photographs. Please, use your good discretion when submitting work, and also consider our host, WordPress, their acceptable uses, policies and rules.

Please submit all your Art and photos, plus any inquiries to: (attention Solomon Walker/Curator)


**Materials on the Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA) website are copyrighted. Visitors are strictly prohibited from copying or using any part(s), in any manner, without prior permission from their owners.


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