Artiquette: 10 Tips for Dressing the Part of the Art Connoisseur

There is always something going on in the art world, but feeling comfortable at a fancy gala or an opening can be a tall order. Luckily, dressing the part is a surefire way to help you fit in—or stand out.

1. Dress ‘funny.’
“All people who dress funny know each other by sight,” Vogue‘s Lynn Yaeger told Isaac Mizrahi at the opening of his Jewish Museum exhibition. “We all kind of say hi to each other in this way, even if we don’t know each other.” In the art world, you can get away with some pretty wild fashion choices, so definitely feel free to push sartorial boundaries. But if you’re going to commit to making a statement, you can’t just go boring at the next event; take a page out of fashionable curator Stacy Engman’s playbook, and wear a tiara, or like Terence Koh (both pictured above), wear nothing but white, always and forever. But if you do, you have to keep it up, at every gallery dinner, press lunch, or show opening—just saying.

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