Your Innovative New Tools For Digital Art Making

Presenting – MoDFA summer 2016 recommended super tools for making stunning original artwork on the digital canvas.

New media artists has never had it so good, with an overwhelming selection of exciting 21st century digital graphic tools to choose from. And, while the old favorites are still holding their own, creative curiosity has spurred incredible innovations in the cloud world. Digitally made art is entering a new phase, and its target is squarely the traditional art world.

With advanced tools, art audiences are no longer saying – “it looks digital!”, but are now saying – “is that really digitally made art!”.

Have is a look at some of the new and exiting traditionally inspired art tools for 21st century artists.

artrage ArtRage – gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment that lets you get down to the process of creating without digital distractions.


auryn-ink For the watercolour artist there is Auryn Ink. Auryn Ink (pronounced “orin”) is the only true watercoloring app on iOs. It is a “no mess watercolor mobile studio” that
creates authentic watercolor simulation. It allows for wet on wet, wet on dry and glazing effects. Based on the tilt of your device, colors run down the surface, bleed and spread out to create darker edges just like real watercolor.
paint_tools Rebelle – is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind paint application that lets you create realistic wet and dry media artwork, complete with stunning real-world dynamic simulation of fluid flow, color blending, wet diffusion, and drying.
01-full Moku Hanga app, Moku the Japanese word for ‘wood’ and hanga known as ‘print’, allows you to create an artistic wood-block print from any picture or snapshot—no need for time consuming carving—the artists from JixiPix do all the work for you! With the power to fully customize your Moku Hanga, you can create a masterpiece artistic enough be part of printmaking history!
zenbrush2 Zen Brush 2  – is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush. With a new drawing engine that brings to life a feeling of silky fluent painting and the delicacy of an ink brush, providing a simple and intuitive user interface imbued with the Zen spirit, this app is designed to be optimal for performing Zen art.
adobe-capture Capture (Adobe) – Turn any image into a color theme, pattern, unique brush, Look or vector graphic that you can use in your creative projects on desktop and  mobile devices.